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Learning Log homework - due in 9th November 2018


Within our Art sessions, we have been drawing pictures in the style of L. S Lowry, who is  very well known for drawing pictures during World War 2.  We would like you to replicate his sketching and shading techniques by drawing a picture of a modern day scenario.

e.g Going to the park, watching television, reading a book etc


Here is a PowerPoint including samples of the artists work for you to observe. 

Remember to use the different shading techniques that we have practiced in school and we look forward to sharing your artwork!!

L.S Lowry - World War 2 pictures

Learning Log Homework 

Create a WW2 poster with all the facts  that you have learnt so far

Due in 29/9/18

Homework - Use the following picture stimulus to write an engaging story. Due in 12/9/18