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Year 5


The Year 5 team welcome you to Year 5's class page! Here you will find any relevant information about our year group, such as events and homework.


STAFF 2017/18:

  • Mrs Athwal, Miss Mangan
  • Learning Champion: Mrs Parkes
  • Support Staff: Miss Turner and Mrs Jackson




  • Year 5 have PE on Tuesdays- please make sure you bring your kit into school.
  • Home reading books and homework diaries must be brought into school every day.
  • Please try to read your book at home at least THREE times per week. 
  • Homework will be sent home fortnightly, linking to the term's topic. Details can be found in the 'learning log' section of this class page. It will be due in on Fridays. There will be weekly spelling and maths homework too. Some of these will need to be accessed online.



  • This term, the children topic is SPACE. Please ensure that you check this page for videos and websites to help children with their learning
  • Thus term, the children will be undertaking a 'TT Rockstars challenge' three times a week. Please support your child with their times tables by giving them time to play on the TT Rockstars website- this will help them to quickly improve their score during these challenges. 
  • We have had a drop in the number of reading diaries and books that are being returned. These should be in school every day and the children need to read at least three times a week (more is preferable). 

Defining Gravity: Crash Course Kids #4.1

So, if gravity pulls everything down, then why don't things on the bottom of the Earth get pulled down into space? In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about gravity and explains that when we talk about gravity pulling things down, what we really mean is gravity is pulling things TOWARD the Earth.

Introduction to Our Solar System

Want to start finding out about our solar system and what is in it? Then watch this video!