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and the winners of this week are.....Kashi and Millie -Reception RD !

Amazing creativity both of you! 

Fanstastic work, congratulations! 

Be Creative Competition - 13.07.20


This week is the last of the Summer half-term so I will ask you to make something really yummy to celebrate the end of the year and the start of your Summer holidays. Let's see if you can make a delicious Woodland animal boast! You can choose any of the woodland animals and a wide variety of ingredients such as chocolate cream, icing, butter cream, fruit...

Have great fun and after enjoy and share. Make sure you make enough for the whole family. 


Let's create!  06.07.20


Another competition for you! 

See if you can make this time a poster representing the life cycle of a caterpillar by using a wide range of materials such as coloured paper, toilet rolls, cotton, pom poms , etc.....

Look at the example to find some inspiration or google on the internet, there are lots of ideas on the web.  

I'm impatient to see your pieces of artwork! 


  Competition! -Be Creative!    29.06.20


 During this summer term, we will learn about Minibeasts in Reception. This topic will enhance your children imagination and creativity.

This week your teachers will ask you to create a hotel full of different  natural material to provide hidey-holes for creatures galore! The size and construction of your bug hotel is only limited by the material you have available and your imagination!

What Minibeasts do you think will visit your hotel? Can you name them?

Have a look at the following video and website to inspire you!

We are looking forward to seeing your amazing Minibeast hotels!  Have fun and get building!

Minibeasts hotel ideas

The winner of the week : Dainton's minibeasts hotel . Congratulations!

Millie's minibeasts

Be Creative!  22.06.20



Make a salad or soup, using a range of fruit or vegetables. Write down your ingredients list first, and then help your grown-up to wash and prepare the fruit and veg. Finally, (the most important part), eat it all up!

Your teachers are looking forward to seeing them!  

Oliver's Fruit Salad- Enjoy some reading!


Dainton's super salad

Kashi's summer salad

Pom Pom  Ice creams   15.06.20

 Summer has arrived with these fantastic arts and crafts ice creams, let the creativity flow and make endless styles of ice cream, from sprinkles to a cherry on top! Read the simple instructions below to get started:


Step 1: Cut a cone shape from the inside of an egg box.

Step 2: Paint the cone white and leave to dry, then paint the cone with brown paint and leave to dry.

Step 3: Choose a coloured pom pom, this will be your ice-cream scoop. decorate the top as desired, see the photo below  for inspiration.

Step 4: Glue the pom-pom to the cone. Put glue inside the top edge of the cone and push in the pom-pom. Leave to dry.

Hints and Tips: Glue 3 pom poms together to make a 3 scoop cone!

Millie's pom pom ice creams

Kashi's pom pom ice cream

Shapes are everywhere!     08.06.20 


 This week you can look at everywhere and find triangles, circle, rectangles, pyramids....shapes are everywhere!   

Can you make a picture of an animal or object by using the different shapes? Think of a house, a ladybird and much more....Be creative and make you own collage by cutting shapes and stick them on your picture meanwhile you sing this funny song! 

Next week, I will post your works to share with your friends . Have fun!  


2D Shapes Are Everywhere | Shape Song for Kids | Learn Shapes | Jack Hartmann

Learn about the 2D shapes of circle,square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon and rhombus. 2 D shapes are shapes that are 2 dimensional. See examples of each shap...

Millie's caterpillar made with different shapes

Be creative in your garden-Make a loo roll bird feeder

This is messy fun kids will love to get stuck into. And it will help them learn about the birds in your neighbourhood.

You can make this simple feeder with items you probably already have at home:

  1. Smother a cardboard tube in peanut butter (no added salt and sugar versions are suitable for birds).
  2. Roll it in bird seed and thread some string through the hole.
  3. Tie it up in your garden where birds will feel safe eating.

How many garden birds will you spot? Can you help your child to  identify them?

May be you could keep a running log of the birds you see visit your birdfeeder. 

Millie's bird feeder.


This week its bake off week! The theme is use your imagination! Maybe you make the most delicious mud pie? Or truly scrumptious playdough cookies? We would love to see some of your ideas.  


Reception children love singing and dancing. If your child wants to join in with this free resource then just click on the link below and get moving....