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Week Beginning: 13.7.20


The Pig in the Pond | Fantastic kids story book read aloud

Three Little Pigs in English | Story | English Fairy Tales

Week beginning 06.07.2020


This week we are finding out about horses. Please share the information story with your child. What can they remember? What did they find out? They could draw a picture of a horse and try to label it. Maybe they could write 'l' for leg or 'h' for head. Hope you have fun!

HORSES | Animal Book for Kids Read Aloud

Week beginning 29.6.20

Let's find out about ducks and ducklings!

Baby Ducks Read Aloud

There are some stories, games and activities on here too!

Week beginning 22.6.20

This week we are going to find out about cows. Read along to find out all about them!


COWS | Animal Book for Kids Read Aloud

A bit of fun with 'Big Barn Farm' - if you like this one, there are lots more stories on Youtube to watch with the Big Barn gang!

Hide-and-Seek - Big Barn Farm FULL EPISODE on ZeeKay Junior

Week Beginning 15.6.20

Let's find out about another animal that lives on the farm - sheep!

Read along with the video below. Maybe you can try to draw a sheep and write down some things that you have learnt!


SHEEP | Animal Book for Kids Read Aloud

Week Beginning 8.6.20

This week we are going to learn about chickens!

Can you find out about them?

CHICKENS | Animal Book for Kids Read Aloud

Week Beginning 1.6.20

Let's go 'Down on the Farm'! There are lots of stories about farms and farm animals. I like this one about Fergus the farmyard dog. What's your favourite? You could email your suggestions with some pictures and you could have a go at writing your name and a label yourself!

Fergus's Upside-Down Day

Week Beginning : 18.5.20

It's spider week!

Once you have listened to the stories below, see if you can go on a spider hunt outside. You could sing the nursery rhyme of Incy Wincy spider too! Can you find some rhyming words while you are listening?

The Very Busy Spider - Animated Children's Book

Incy Wincy Spider - Read aloud children's book

Week beginning 11.5.20

Our minibeast hunt this week takes us to look at bit closer at ladybirds!

Listen to the story of 'What the Ladybird Heard' then see if you can try to write some speech bubbles for some of the animals in the story.

What the Ladybird Heard (Julia Donaldson) - Bedtime Story Read Aloud

Week Beginning 4.5.20

This week we are looking closer in the woods. It's minibeast week!

There are lots of stories written by Eric Carle about minibeasts. Here is my favourite 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'

Once you have listened to the story, you could go on a minibeast hunt and try to write a list of the things you find. You could even draw a picture and send it through the nursery email.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

Week Beginning 27.4.20

This week we would have been looking at the story of 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell.

Watch the story below and then see if you can retell the story to someone in your house. Can you join in with the repetitive phrases in the story?

You could even make some stick puppets to tell the story!

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

Week Beginning 20.4.20

Our new topic would have been "If You Go Down To The Woods Today!"

Watch the story below to meet the characters in the Percy the Park Keeper stories. Enjoy!

Percy The Park Keeper After The Storm