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Maths 26.5.20


This weeks fun maths challenge is about estimation. I want you to have a look at the picture attached and have an estimate (remember a sensible guess-no counting) of how many sweets are in the jar. Remember there may be some sweets hiding at the bottom that you can't see. 

Could you send us your own estimation competition for your teachers to try and guess how many too? 

How many gum balls?

How many gum balls? 1
How many gum balls? 2

Monday 11th May 2020



Picture 1

Use the above support to help your child gain confidence with number.

Ideas to support this:

Count from and to different numbers

      9 - 23                  17 - 43

      13 -34                  20 - 55

Use the 100 square to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Your child can count quietly on all numbers except numbers in the 5 times table or numbers in the 2 times table.


You can ask your child number facts like:

What is 1 more than 13? How do you know?

For a challenge ask: What is 2 more than 17? How do you know?


Daily practise of these number skills will boost your child's knowledge and confidence of number facts.


Monday 11th May continued

                Worded problems 🐸


Support your child to read these number problems and to work out the answers. As you probably haven't got lots of mini frogs lying about please use any other practical resources to answer these.