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Week beginning 13.7.20

This week we thought it would be fun to play with money! Get to know what each coin looks like and use pennies to buy things from your kitchen cupboards. You could even make a piggy bank!

Week beginning 06.07.2020


A fun counting game to play!

Week beginning 29.6.20


You can practise your take away skills and counting while singing some songs!

Six Little Ducks

Five Little Ducks

Week beginning 22.6.20

You could use empty milk bottles to make your own skittles! Try writing some numbers on them too and counting how many you knock down. I wonder if you can knock all of them down with one roll!

You can send some photos of your skittles to our nursery email! 

Week beginning 15.6.20

Let's try some shape games!

Week Beginning 8.6.20

For chicken week you could use your counting skills to count eggs! You can also sng along to some counting songs about chicks!

Five Eggs and Five Eggs

Counting 1-10 Song | Number Songs for Children | The Singing Walrus

Week Beginning 1.6.20

Count all the farm animals in the game below.

Week Beginning 18.5.20

You can do lots of counting with spiders!

Can you make a spider with 8 legs?

Practise your adding 1 more with the song below.



One Elephant Went Out To Play | Kids Song | Nursery Rhyme | The Kiboomers

Week beginning 11.5.20

It's Ladybird week!

There's lots of counting of spots and legs that you could do.

You can also re-try the ladybird game link from last week.

Week Beginning 4.5.20

Watch the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' in the Literacy section. 

The story has days of the week and different foods to count. You could sing our days of the week song to make sure you know the correct order! 

Can you use food from your kitchen cupboard to count for a caterpillar picnic?

You could also count legs on minibeasts or count how many you find! 


Week Beginning 27.4.20


Once you have watched the story of 'Owl Babies' in the Literacy folder try these maths activities!



Can you feed the worms to the owls using a peg as mummy owls beak? you could use spaghetti too!

Week Beginning 20.4.20

After you have watched the story of 'After the Storm' see if you can do some Pery the Park Keeper maths below.