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Friday 5th March 2021


Count the cars forward and backwards.

Number Counting Race Cars - Learn to Count 1 to 10 for Kids

This Number Counting Race Cars - Learn to Count 1 to 10 video teaches children how to count to 10 both forwards and backwards in English. Featuring colorful...

Then have another go at writing your numbers. I hope you enjoy this formation song!

Writing Numbers | Number Songs | PINKFONG Songs for Children

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Thursday 4th March 2021


If the children go on a walk or even look out of the window can they complete a traffic count? How many red cars, blue cars, silver cars and black cars do they see? Can they draw that many cars and write the value e.g 4 black cars? It's would be lovely to hear how many cars you spotted!!!

Wednesday 3rd March

Try this number ordering game below!


Tuesday 2nd March

Continuing with counting, see how many toys you have! You could sort them into sets then count them. Which toy do you have more of? Which toys do you have the same number?

Listen to this counting song too!

Numbers Song | Ten Little Numbers | Cars And Truck Rhymes

Monday 1st March

This week we would like you to practice your counting and number formation. You can write numbers in anything like sand, soil, stones, chalk ....


Counting Cars Song -

Friday 26th February 


Try this game today to make sure you can use the words to describe size.


If you want to extend your child’s learning you could try using non-standard units to measure with eg, lego bricks - how many lego bricks is the same as the pencil?

Thursday 25th February 


Watch the clip below. Can you use the words long, short, longest, shortest? Once you can decide which is longest out of 2 objects, can you order 3 objects by length? Below you will see some example. Please send us a picture of your long and short objects.


Long and short!

Wednesday 23rd February

Now that you are fantastic at big and little, let's find out about long and short. Watch Kit and Pup to find out more.

Tuesday 23rd February

Using the words big and small can you find items around your house that are different sizes? Eg, a big spoon and a little spoon, a big teddy and a little teddy. You could sort them into big and little sets.

Monday 22nd February

In maths we will continue to look at measures. This week we will focus on length.

Start today by watching Kit and Pup talk about big and small.

Friday 12th February

Do you know the song 10 in a bed? If you have 10 teddies you could act the song as you sing it!

Ten in the Bed |

Wednesday 10.2.21


Share action card pictures.

Encourage  the children to count and carry out actions.

Can they stop on the correct number?

Tuesday 9.2.21


Listen to this counting song:


Ask your child to count some items for you e.g can you count 4 teddies.

Can you count 3 cakes?

Can you count 5 skittles ?

Can you count 5 teddies/blocks ?

Starfall Five Little Bears | Counting Songs For Kids By Starfall

Starfall Five Little Bears | Counting Songs For Kids By Starfall✩✩✩✩✩Starfall is the brain-child of Stephen Schutz. At age 9, Stephen was still struggling to...

Monday 8th February

Can you play this teddy bear counting game.


Friday 5th February

Play this weighing game:

click on weight

Thursday 4th February

Use your coat hanger weighing scales to find out which is heaviest and lightest out of a set of 3 objects. Can you put them in order? You could draw a picture or take a photo.

Wednesday 3rd February

So, now you have had chance to feel heavy and light objects, let's try making our own balance scales. You could start with finding the heaviest and lightest then make it a bit trickier by finding things that balance! 

Tuesday 2nd February

Do you know what heavy and light feels like? Find some objects around your house and see if you can be a weighing scale and find out which is heavy and which is light. I wonder what the lightest thing you can find is? Email me to let me know!

Monday 1st February

Have you noticed it's a new month? 

This week we are going to be thinking about weight. You will need to use words like heavy, light, heavier, lighter, heaviest and lightest.

Watch Kit and Pup to find out the difference.

Friday 29th January

This week you have been learning different words to describe position. Let's finish the week with a game of Simon Says.

You could say:

Simon says put teddy behind the sofa.

Simon says sit under the table.

Thursday 28th January

We are still thinking about positional words. Listen to the story of Rosie's Walk. Can you spot the position words that are used? Once you have heard the story see if you can take your teddy for a walk using position words. You could even draw a map to show me where your teddy went!

"Rosie's Walk"

Wednesday 27.1.21

Positional language.

Use the story Where’s Spot? - listen to the different places Spot could be.

Stop the video to say where mum is looking i.e. behind, inside, under etc.




Tuesday 26th January

Can you remember some of the position words you heard yesterday? Watch the two episodes of Kit and Pup below to find out about over/under and inside/outside.


Monday 25th January 2021

This week we are learning about positional language and using words such as: overunder, on top of, behind, inside, outside, in front.

Watch the song: Where is the monkey ?

Pause in different places for your child to say where the monkey is hiding. 




Where's the Monkey?

Sing along Shapes Song - with lyrics (featuring Debbie Doo)

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Can your child be a shape detective? Go on a hunt around your house and see what shaped you can find. Can you find things that are circles? Squares? Rectangles? Triangles? Think about the differences between these shapes. 

Please send us a photo of your detective work!


Wednesday 20th January 2021

Please play this 2D shape game with your child. 

Thursday 21st January 2021

Please have a go at another 2D shape game with your child. Please set this game at level 1

Friday 22nd January 2021

Today we would like you to use all you have learnt about shapes to make your very own picture using shapes. You can cut out some shapes your self with the help of a grown up. What will you make? A house? A rocket? think carefully about what shapes you will need. 

Friday 15th January 2021


Please see the Topic star for your Maths today!

Thursday 14th January 2021


Join in with rhyme-  5 Little Peas in a Pea pod pressed. 

If you have some frozen peas at home - can they do some counting with these? Can you sort 5 from a larger group?

Five Green Peas - Children's Music by Beat Boppers

Five Green Peas is a fun rhyme for young children. Teaching ideas and resources for this rhyme are available from spec...

Wednesday 13th January

Once you have practised writing your name, you could try to write some numbers. Try this game to help you recognise the shape of each number.

Tuesday 12th January

Once you have done your vegetable printing you could use it to add some numbers. Try counting 3 carrot prints, 2 potato prints and 1 broccoli print! You could even make a pattern!

Monday 11th January

Once you have listened to the story of Oliver's Vegetables in the Literacy star, you could do some careful counting with vegetables! Sing along to the rhyme below and if you have some potatoes in your cupboard, you could use them to sing the song. I wonder if you can have a go at writing the numbers next to the potatoes too!

One Potato Two Potato

Friday 8th January 2021


You could write numerals 0-5 on separate pieces of paper. Then ask your child to do some careful counting. Can they count 3 cars and match this to the numeral? Can they count 5 dinosaurs and match this to the numeral? Hope you have fun! I would love to see a photo of how they get on!

Thursday 7th January 2021


Encourage your child to count the fruit!

Simple Learning to Count Fruit to 5 Counting 1 to 5 Numbers Toddlers Preschool Kids Children

Learn numbers and counting with this simple educational video.

Wednesday 6th January

There are lots of numbers in the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

I wonder if you can draw 1 apple or 4 oranges! You could even try to write the number next to your picture!

I've also put a caterpillar ordering game below for you to try. Start with 1-5 then see if you can do 1-10!

Tuesday 5th January

Once you have sorted all your favourite foods, try counting them! You may have more than 1 box of cereal! You could also have a go at the counting game below!