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In Nursery, we learn phonics on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so look out for new activities on these days. On Wednesday and Friday you can repeat some of the games you have enjoyed or play 'I Spy' with a grown up!

Monday 18th January 2021

So far in phonics we have learnt the sounds s, a, t, p

Today can you help your child to revise some of these sounds, can you draw the sounds on paper, hide them around the room and then set your child a challenge to go and find a particular sound.

Then can you have a go at playing eye spy to help your child practise their initial sounds.

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Today we are learning all about the sound i. Watch the below videos to help you practice remembering the sound.

Thursday 21st January 2021. 

Today we will be using the sounds we have learned to practise some blending. Blending is when you put the sounds together to make a word. Have a go at some of the words on the below video. It would help your child if you played blending games when you are together too, eg I can see a d o g,I can see a b, u, s can your child guess what you said?

SATPIN Words | Phonics Blending

Thursday 14th January 2021


Play phonics pop with your child. Play the game on set 1 (s,a,t,p). You could always encourage your child to have a go at writing these sounds in sand, flour or with chalk outside. It would be lovely to see a photo!




Tuesday 12th January

On a piece of paper, or outside with chalk if you prefer, write the letters s, a, t, p. See if you can find some small objects around your house like pasta, buttons, stones or pompoms. Use the tiny items to outline the shape of each letter. This will encourage your child to recognise the shape and using little objects will also help to strengthen their writing grip!

Monday 11th January

In phonics we are beginning to recognise some of the initial sounds in simple words. Children have been introduced to s, a, t, p. Have a look at the short bbc clips below then see if you can play some games.

1. alphabet jump - this is great if you can get outside and chalk on the ground, if not you can write the phonemes s,a,t,p on pieces of paper. Simply jump and say! You can make it a bit harder where an adult says the phoneme and the child has to find the correct one to jump on!

2. Phoneme soup - collect some items from around your house and put them in a bowl, As your child selects an object out of the bowl of soup they need to listen for the first sound. If your child can do this then extend with some 'sound-talking' for example, if you have a toy dog you might say find me the d-o-g and see if they can find it!

Thursday 7th January 2021

Can you go on a phoneme hunt? Ask your child to find you items which beginning with s,a,t and p. These are the items I managed to find. You could always email me a picture. Have fun!

Tuesday 5th January

Have a look at the games below to remind yourself of some of the things we have been doing in phonics so far!

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