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Year 5 spelling tests will take place on Monday mornings. All of the spellings the children will need to practise will be given out as homework and will be assigned on spelling shed. 

Spellings for W/C 14th October 2019


Spellings for W/C 29th September

Please use spelling shed to practise spellings.


Above are the spellings that you should be able to spell by the end of year 5. We will be practicing these words over the year and will be sending home weekly lists.  Please practise them at home.


At Langley, we follow the No Nonsense Spelling programme. This covers the statutory words as attached above, along with spelling patterns that your child also needs to know. Some examples of these in Year 5 are:

  • Silent letters
  • able/ible/ably/ibly ending words
  • Words ending in 'ough'
  • Further homophones


Some of the ways in which we ask the children to learn their spellings are attached below.