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What are we doing?

Today, we researched about facts of Spain to complete our Spanish passport and also we found out some of the best Spanish recipes.

Have a close look and try at home!


Las recetas - The recipes

Children in Y6 designed a poster to advertise  the Seville's April Fair.

Please, check out this video to find out amazing details about this event.

Nos encanta   - We love it!


Picture 1
Picture 2

La Feria de Abril de Sevilla / Seville's April Fair

Children in Y6 described  their house or flat and the placed where it is placed. We practised our reading and listening skills by  using a text and listening to a real Spanish boy speaking in Spanish.

Would you like to practise watching this video?


Today we learnt to say the time in Spanish. We used our English skills and our support and now  we  feel quite confident to ask and respond  what time is it ? in  Spanish .

Practise watching this video or researching on the internet.


How to tell time in Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS - ¿Qué hora es?

This weeks video is all about telling time in Spanish with a thumping Techno beat. This is a fan request to be sure subscribe and put your requests in the comments! To make sure you're notified of our latest videos, subscribe here: ****** Also check out the BASHO & FRIENDS Spanish Playlist featuring dozens of catchy videos and songs for learning Spanish.

Children talked about their next holidays and used future tense  in Spanish:  En mis vacaciones voy a ir.....They pretended to be interviewed by a journalist from a prestigious magazine after winning a game show and talked about their plans for their future holidays and what they are going to pack into their suitcase.

Children in Y6 are preparing a new letter for their Spanish pen-pals in Spain so that we are learning today to describe ourselves in Spanish using a variety of adjectives or expressions: Soy simpático e inteligente pero no soy estupido ( I'm nice and intelligent but I'm not stupid) Tengo el pelo rubio y corto y tengo los ojos azules ( I have blonde hair and short and I have blue eyes). 

Las Descripciones en español

Como Eres? rap

A spanish one rap that easy to get and funny

Welcome back to school !  

Children in Langley Primary school are starting to use basic greetings and asking and responding some basic questions in order to be able to manage in a short dialogue with their Spanish friends. Check out some of these videos to refresh their memories....also parents could learn a few words in Spanish!  


Good luck!

Spanish pen-pals 

Children in Y6 have been researching about their school to be able to write a letter to their Spanish pen-pals describing our school.  Y6 started to created a power point presentation introducing Langley primary school and naming  its facilities.

Our School 


Today, we completed our descriptions about Langley primary school and also we added the school subjects that we like or dislike so that children in Spain could see differences between schools in different countries.


Break time 

 Soon, children in Y6 will have a connection through Skype with some pen-pals and we are getting ready to speak with them clearly in Spanish.

Kids have been learning to say what they are doing or eating or drinking during their break time in England. We will see soon what Spanish kids do in Spain!

Christmas in Spain 


Children in the school have learnt about  Christmas traditions in Spain and what the children are doing during the Epiphany day ( the Three Wise Men's day). Also, we learnt the bilingual  song of Feliz Navidad to wish Merry Christmas to  our friends and family.

Moreover, children made postcards and decorations using Spanish greetings.

See the following video to get more information about Christmas in Spain.


Feliz Navidad.


Uploaded by Colegio Divina Pastora on 2015-12-10.

Spanish party end of the year. 


Children in Y6 celebrated their end of the year party and their learning during the whole year by tasting Spanish food and drinks like Sangria and Guacamole con nachos , playing The Tomato fight, and finally dancing and singing Spanish music. 

¡Viva la fiesta! 


We will miss you a lot at Langley Primary School. 

All the best in your new school to all of you folks! ¡Mucha suerte a todos  amigos  en vuestra nueva escuela!