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Easter-Semana Santa

In this section you will find a research project worksheet about Easter in Spain so you will demonstrate that you can be independent by using your ICT skills and find out about how people in Spain celebrate Easter. You might  type this child friendly  website where there are plenty of facts and amazing pictures about this impressive tradition. 


Questions in English: 

1. Which  are the main dates at Easter in Spain? 

2. Why is important Easter in Spain? 

3. What festivals or events  are there/you will find ?

4. Which Spanish  towns have more events during Easter?

5. What Spanish food you will find  at Easter in Spain?


Also, you will find colouring sheets and a lovely recipe to be able to make a delicious traditional  Easter Spanish dessert at home with your family.


Enjoy!- Qué aproveche! 

Torrijas Recipe - Spanish Cinnamon Toast

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