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Welcome to your new Spanish blog for Y6.


Hola amigos,


Here you will find the amazing work we have done during the week in our Spanish lessons , some great ideas to practise our Spanish at home and also the homework that we need to complete for the next lesson.


From now on, children in KS2 will  have  their own  Spanish booklet in order to practise what we have done in class but also they can work independently  to obtain extra Vivos for their hard work and great interest in foreign languages.


Furthermore, we would like to bring to your attention that our school has a subscription to the award-winning platform Linguascope (

Linguascope is a website offering interactive resources in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Maori, and English to match curriculum requirements.


Organised in topic areas, the materials are presented via a host of immersive multimedia activities. The site covers all topics encountered in lessons throughout the year and also includes printable worksheets.

As part of our licence, all our students can access the Linguascope website from home. The website can be used independently by students to consolidate what they have learned in class, revise for upcoming tests, get a head start learning new vocabulary, or even introduce themselves to a new language.

The interactive activities are also tablet-friendly, with FREE iPad and Android apps that students can install on their mobile devices:


To log in to the platform, students have a username and password which they have noted in their exercise book or diary.

We encourage all students to log in to Linguascope as often as they can from home, whether for completing a homework assignment or spending 5 minutes revising vocabulary in their spare time or on their way to school. Remember: Learning a language doesn’t take years - it takes minutes every day. Practising little and often is key to rapid progress.

Have fun!


Muchas gracias. 

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