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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Report on the Use of Sports Premium Funding at Langley Primary July 2018/9.


Rationale for Use

  • Oldbury has an increasing issue with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.
  • There are few open places to play in the local area which are both child friendly and safe.
  • Few children take part in organised sport outside of school – although we do have some children who are competing at a high level (tennis, gymnastics, dance and swimming).
  • The school already employs a full time sports coach to teach PE and run several afterschool clubs.
  • The school provides activity based equipment for pupils at all breaks.



  • To increase the opportunities for pupils to take part in organised and team sporting activities.
  • To maintain our Gold Sports Award by increasing participation and organising a range of competitive sports tournaments across Oldbury.
  • To encourage daily activity and introduce new sports to pupils.
  • To improve facilities at the school to encourage uptake and involvement.


Use of the Funding

  • Replacement of sports marking across the school.
  • Employment of a sports coach within our Breakfast Club.
  • Employment of a sports coach to provide additional tuition for our more gifted pupils and children who require one to one support for learning or mobility reasons.
  • Funding of transport for pupils to take part in organised and competitive events.
  • Funding of transport to enable pupils to take part in swimming lessons for 2 terms over KS2.
  • Provision of sports equipment for playgrounds in the school to encourage purposeful activity over breaktimes.
  • Development of the forest area of the school for use as a forest school and as part of the orienteering provision in school.


What impact has sport premium funding made:


  • As a result of the Sports Coach joining Breakfast Club approximately 30 children take part in daily physical activity before school.
  • Gifted and Talented pupils. Sports premium has part-funded the release of the Sports Coach to work with pupils who have been identified has gifted and talented at sport. The coach now has a designated period of time each week (Friday afternoons) where he is able to provide guidance and challenged for pupils with outstanding potential in Sport. These pupils are identified by the coach and they are invited to attend the group.
  • A similar programme is also in place for those with learning or mobility issues. All of these children are already fully included in curriculum PE lessons but this session will provide the opportunity to develop basic sports skills beyond that possible by additional differentiation by one to one supports.
  • In 2018/9 we will be offering approximately 100 KS2 children and all of EYFS the opportunity to take part in a Forest Schools programme.
  • Sport premium has been used to transport pupils to various sporting events including cross-country, athletics, football, gymnastics, tag rugby and football. We have also gained trophies in football, tag rugby, swimming, cross country and multi-sports in the recent past. In the Year 2018/9 we attended 11 different competitions – often with several teams taking part. Increasingly this year we are organising events for several schools to take place using our facilities.


Future steps

The school now provides very well for pupils both in terms of formal curriculum PE and more informal opportunities (such as clubs and breaktime activities). The next step is to extend such opportunities to families. 

Our next review of this funding will be in Summer 2020.