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Spanish Speaking artists

Here you will find the story of some of the most important Spanish Speaking artists in the world.  You can learn about their biographies and painting styles but ...why not trying  to make some flower hair bands or Picasso faces at home?  

You can also be an artist and develop your artistic skills during these weeks at home. 



This book is about the incredibly talented artist, Frida Kahlo. The story follows Frida's incredible life of strength, creativity and resilience. This book w...

Art project for kids | Picasso 2🐜🐞🐌🐝

Dali on the Fly: Surreal Educational Documentary about Salvador Dali

Dali on the "Fly" Using live action with animation, this surreal educational documentary film about the art of Salvador Dali, is designed to teach kindergart...

DalΓ­'s Elephants Animation

Challenge: Can you challenge yourself and draw your own surrealistic elephants or clocks? Let you inspired by Dali.

Realistic painting- Velázquez 

Learn Art and Spanish history through this short video. Velazquez was one of the most famous painters in Spain due to his realistic painting and his masterpiece is called Las Meninas where the artist painted the little princess of Spain . Can you guess why is this kind of art called 'realistic'? What can you see in Velazquez's pictures? Can you discover the mystery of this portrait?

Now, it is your turn: you might make  a collage painting or sketch  your own realistic painting, or colour it in.... be creative! 

Art with Mati and Dada - Velasquez | Kids Animated Short Stories in English

Trying to solve one of the great mysteries of the art world, our two intrepid detectives venture into Velasquez's greatest painting, "Las Meninas."Click Here...