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Have a go with this  quiz and beat your family members or friends. 

You might use a dictionary on-line such as or just google it.

When you finish try to do it again from memory to challenge yourself . 

Reading Comprehension Worksheets- Colour in following the instructions in Spanish


Would you like to challenge your peers or your Spanish pen-pals? How much do you know about other countries,  languages or cultures ? How much international are you? 

Play this quiz and complete these templates  ready to sent to your Spanish pen-pals by e-mail. They are looking forward to hearing from you.  :)

Los animales del mundo -Animal World

Use the Classification of the Animals' cards to complete the activities. Read carefully and use a dictionary on line (   or google translator )  if you needed but do not hesitate to contact me with any doubts. I'm here to help. You can earn 50 Vivos with this activity!  Send it to me .  :)

Challenge of the Week! - Be a Master Chef. 

Can you make your own Spanish omelette ?

Watch the videos and songs  and complete the activities that suit you the best to  be able to make your own healthy Tortilla de patatas . I'm sure it will be delicious. Rico, rico ( delicious, delicious!)  

Later on, you feel free to send me a picture of yourself with your amazing work and impress your teachers and friends at the school ! 

Visit our Spanish main page to find out more amazing Spanish typical recipes. 

Tortilla de patatas - Receta de cocina española

One of the most well known Spanish meals in the world. Make your Spanish food always under supervision of an adult.

Listening Challenge! 

Do  you dare to listen to this cool song and find out the missing words? 

Let's see how good you can be at listening  a Spanish song and enjoy it! It is  really fun! 

I'm posting below two activities with different levels of difficulty, just choose the one it suits you or may be both of them! 

Buena suerte! -Good luck! 

SUSANITA TIENE UN RATON- Susanit has a little mouse

What do you like to do in your free time ?


This week you will practice your opinions in Spanish to say what you like to do or dislike in your free time. Remember the different opinions that we have seen in class: 

Me encanta, me gusta mucho, me gusta, no me gusta, odio, prefiero. 

Just put the opinion at the front and the activity that you like to do  next , it is just like in English  :) .

e.g.  I like to play football - Me gusta jugar al fútbol .


Listen to Basho's song and later on create your own comic strip using dialogues in Spanish. Be as creative as you can and send it to me in an original way (poster, pot-its, shoe box...) and you will have 20 ViVos

Disfruta- Enjoy! 


Learn Spanish Verb Infinitives and opinions ("I like to...") with BASHO & FRIENDS - 60 Second Spanish - Me gusta

Me gusta means "I like" | BASHO & FRIENDS 4k Learning Songs | Beginner Spanish


What do you do in your spare time?- Qué haces en tu tiempo libre?- Wordmat