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What are we doing?


Now, we can describe the content of our school bag  and also we sang the song 'In my school bag' / En mi mochila .

You may check our songs and practise with your child at home.



Children in Y2 designed the uniform that  they are wearing in Langley Primary school and labelled it with the Spanish words.


Today, we have learnt some food and drink items  and practised a dialogue to order food in McDonalds  . Now , we can help our parents to order food  in a restaurant when we are on holidays in Spain.

Would you like to learn more food or drink items singing this  song?

Vocabulario de comida en Español con BASHO & FRIENDS


Today, children in Y2 learnt the names of animal farms and also they added their positive or negative opinions about them.

Moreover, we practised singing the song of the Old McDonalds.

May you want to practise this song to reinforce your child's learning.


El viejo MacDonald tenía una granja | niños canciones infantiles | Español

Y2 joined a poem and we sang the song by using a mind map. Practise this song with your children as they need lot of practice!


Canción Infatil Mi carita.

Canción para los peques. Podéís visitar mi canal lolín1196 hay más canciones infantiles.


Children in Y2  discussed the different means of transport that they could use to travel to Spain or other countries during their holidays. We  learnt names of transports in Spanish and also we sang a song.  Practise it at home with your children, please!



Medios de Transporte. Song and video to learn means of transport in Spanish

Los medios de transporte. Song and video to learn the main means of transportation in Spanish for kids. Visit to watch more Spanish videos and listen to Spanish songs for kids and children. We also have Spanish lnteractive games, worksheets and more resources to learn Spanish in a fun and easy way!

Welcome back to school !  

Children in Langley Primary school are starting to use basic greetings and asking and responding some basic questions in order to be able to manage in a short dialogue with their Spanish friends. Check out some of these videos to refresh their memories....also parents could learn a few words in Spanish!  


Good luck!

Children in Y2 have learnt to name and locate some of their favourite places and buildings in their town. We looked at Langley  and  children gave their opinion about their  favourite places. Actually, the swimming pool (la piscine)  in Langley seems to be their favourite!

Me encanta la piscina y el parque.



Today, children learnt to name their favourite places and buildings  in Langley by using a map and matching pictures with Spanish words. Also, we practised our reading, writing and listening skills meanwhile playing competitions and games.

Have a look at this powerpoint presentation and practise with your child some games.


Enjoy it!


Buildings in town


Children looked  at the  history of National Spanish Day 12th October which is a very special day in Spain. Also, children had a chance  to dance flamenco using the castanets.

We also learnt about Christopher Columbus and his travels  and  Lola  the puppet helped us to understand this amazing story. 

To celebrate the day of the Hispanite children in Y2 labelled the different  Spanish speaking countries on a  map  and guessed the  Columbus' routes.

Christopher Columbus Discovering America Story

Christopher Columbus Discovering America Story


Children in Y2 have located some of the main important towns on a map of Spain  by using a compass direction so that they will know where they travel in they next holidays.



Children were learning about one of the most amazing and funniest festivals in Spain: La Tomatina (the tomato fight).

Have a look to this presentation and the video included.





Children in the school have learnt about  Christmas traditions in Spain and what the children are doing during the Epiphany day ( the Three Wise Men's day). Also, we learnt the bilingual  song of Feliz Navidad to wish Merry Christmas to  our friends and family.

Moreover, children made postcards and decorations using Spanish greetings.

See the following video to get more information about Christmas in Spain.


Feliz Navidad.


Uploaded by Colegio Divina Pastora on 2015-12-10.

Que Tiempo Hace hoy?

A Spanish Class lyric project.



Children in Y1 built a weather wheel to say the weather in Spanish. Can you practise this song at home?

Children in Y2 learned about a special Spanish festivity called The Torches of Saint Joseph and we made a competition in class to draw the best 'falla' model and to  explain what is happening during this festival. Would you like to find out some facts about this festival?

Las Fallas de Valencia. Nivel B1

Un vídeo de español para extranjeros del nivel B1 para para saber cómo son las Fallas de Valencia y cómo las vive la gente.. Con subtítulos en español e italiano. Consiga la transcripción en:


Children in Y2 made a comic strip to explain what they do in their spare time in Spanish. Some of them also used expressions of frequency to say how often they do these activities. e.g Me gusta salir con mis amigos todos los dias - I like to go out with my friends every day.