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Ideas to practise at home-Homework

UsefuUseful websites to improve and  to practise my Spanish

      by  by my own or alongside my parents.     user:  langleypri      password:  amigos!     


Dictionary online:

¿De qué color es? (Spanish Colors Song)

Buy this Super Simple Reader (PDF) with words from the song!

Numbers Song in Spanish. Canción de los números de BASHO & FRIENDS

Learn how to count to 20 in Spanish with Basho and his buddy Brobot. Full content available at Get the lessons to go with this video...

🎶 😊 Days of the Week Spanish Song 😊 Cancion Dias de la Semana Miss Rosi

A simple song in Spanish for kids to learn the days of the week. Lyrics and translation shown. Song by Miss Rosi. Una cancion de Miss Rosi para aprender los ...

Reading comprehension Worksheets-Read and colour following the Spanish instructions

Competition: Can you play domino against your friends or members of your family? Cut and colour in your cards and get ready to play.

Challenge of the week !

 Play the interactive game 'Tengo Hambre' (I'm Hungry). 

Listen and repeat the story and play your game on line. Who is the winner at home? your siblings? your parents or carers? yourself?  

Buena suerte - Good luck! 

Can you sing a Greetings song in Spanish?

Sing along these Spanish football players  and practise saying greetings, asking how are you? and saying how you are feeling today.

Impress your family and friends!