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Can you  research facts about different festival in Spain?

Here you can find some ideas:


Las fallas de Valencia- The Torches of Valencia

Los San Ferminies de Pamplona- Running of the bulls of Pamplona


 Hope you really enjoy these summer festivals of  Spain!

About Las Fallas (Spanish/English)

Find out about Las Fallas: Amazing Spanish Festival in Valencia! Gunpowder, fireworks, parades - Huge celebration of Spring marking St Joseph's Day on 19th March. Listen to the gunpowder in the mascletàs, follow the parades of falleros and falleras, learn about the Nit del Foc, fallas and ninots.

Tell Time in Spanish | Spanish for Kids | Learning Time Fun Spanish | Time in Spanish | Que Hora Es

Learn to tell time in Spanish in our Spanish for kids video series by Learning Time Fun Spanish! Learn Spanish in this Time in Spanish video made specificall...

Conjugation verbs in Spanish .


Play domino and use this link to help you to conjugate the verbs in Spanish. Later on,  match them with the proper sentences. 

Buena suerte amigos! - Good luck friends! 

Reading Comprehension Activity- Read carefully and follow the Spanish instructions to colour in your picture.


Would you like to challenge your peers or your Spanish pen-pals? How much do you know about other countries,  languages or cultures ? How much international are you? 

Play this quiz and complete these templates  ready to sent to your Spanish pen-pals by e-mail. They are looking forward to hearing from you.  :)

Speaking skills- Practise a short conversation by using these cards. Impress your siblings and parents or carers.

Challenge of the Week! - Be a Master Chef. 

Can you make your own authentic  Mexican Guacamole?

Watch the videos and songs  and complete the activities that suit you the best to  be able to make your own healthy and vegetarian  guacamole . I'm sure it will be delicious. Rico, rico ( delicious, delicious!)  

Later on, you feel free to send me a picture of yourself with your amazing work and impress your teachers and friends at the school ! 

Visit our Spanish main page to find out more amazing Spanish typical recipes. 


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