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Little reminder: Next 13th of April children  need to bring 10 facts about their favourite town in Spain: location, landmarks, buildings, famous people, typical food. 

Enjoy it! / Pasadlo bien.

Can you  research facts about different festival in Spain?

Here you can find some ideas:


Las fallas de Valencia- The Torches of Valencia

Los San Ferminies de Pamplona- Running of the bulls of Pamplona


 Hope you really enjoy these summer festivals of  Spain!

About Las Fallas (Spanish/English)

Find out about Las Fallas: Amazing Spanish Festival in Valencia! Gunpowder, fireworks, parades - Huge celebration of Spring marking St Joseph's Day on 19th March. Listen to the gunpowder in the mascletàs, follow the parades of falleros and falleras, learn about the Nit del Foc, fallas and ninots.