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Worksheets for the whole family

In this section you will find  some worksheets to practise  your Spanish.

Let's start saying the date of today and what is the weather like.

Use you Spanish calendar and your knowledge organisers to help you and change the  day of the week and the number or weather. 


Qué dia es hoy?   Hoy es    jueves   veintiséis   de  marzo   de   dos mil   veinte. 

Que tiempo hace hoy?   Hoy hace  calor y también  hace sol


Que tengais un  buen dia ninos - Have a nice day children 

Spanish Comic Competition


This week you could draw your own comic strip to explain which hobbies you enjoy the  most at home. Use the cards below to complete it and watch the video and the song to improve your pronunciation. 


Send me your comics labelled  in Spanish  and beautifully coloured to participate in a school competition and you could earn 30 ViVos !


Also, you might visit to download your favourite worksheet and Spanish rock song. 


Hasta luego, amigos! 



 Wash your hands- Lávate las manos.


This week we will learn how to follow instructions in Spanish when you are washing your hands. You might repeat these instructions aloud in Spanish when you wash your hands and complete the fill in the gaps activity. If you do, you could have your certificate. 

Buen trabajo ! - Well done! 



 Summer Spanish Activities Booklet for free 


Find below a booklet completely free for your children  to  enjoy this Summer with their favourite Spanish activities. 

Pasadlo bien- Enjoy!