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Residential Visits


All Sandwell residential centres are currently closed . We have kept our bookings open however so that if and when the situation changes we will be able to give the children this fantastic experience once again.

Information related to the Year 4 and Year 2 visit will be sent out early next term.

Why do we believe in residential trips ?  

At Langley Primary School we firmly believe that children should be given a wide variety of learning opportunities and experiences throughout their time with us.

The opportunity to participate in a residential visit is one of the experiences we are committed to providing for your children. It is a chance for children to spend time working as a team with their class mates , to engage in activities which are new and exciting and to take that first step towards independence by being away from home.

This year we are for the third year running three residentials , all to Sandwell centres :



19th April 2020 - 23rd April 2020 -Year 4 Frank Chapman

5th July 2020 - 7th July 2020 - Year 2 Edgmond Hall

Above are the links to the centres websites so you can see for yourself the facilities.



20th Sep - 24th Sep 2021 - Year 6 Plas Gwynant

28th Feb - 5th March 2022 - Year 4 Frank Chapman

27th - 29th June 2022 - Year 2 Edgmond Hall