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Festivals and Traditions- Festivales y tradiciones

In Spain, we have wonderful and colourful festivals when Spring comes. 

In March, Valencia becomes a party and its streets are filled with colour and joy with the celebration of the famous Fallas. This festival brings together tradition, arts and carnival in an unique and unforgettable event.  

About Las Fallas (Spanish/English)

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   La   Feria  de Abril de Sevilla - Seville Fair 


Seville is a city with a very special colour and even more during the April Fair. From saetas ( religious flamenco songs) to sevillanas ( Seville flamenco songs originally from India) .


Music plays all the while, colour explodes all around, bright, spotted dresses adorn the surroundings, and riders show off their horses amidst the crowds. In the background, an ensemble of heady aromas creates a tempting atmosphere for the senses: fried fish, olives, paella, ham...  All this with the enchantment of nights that do not end until well into the early hours. People eventually begin to head off in search of a cup of hot chocolate with typical churros (flour fritters), before resting for a couple of hours to continue on to the final Sunday of the Fair.



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Feria de Abril de Sevilla

Feria de Abril de Sevilla Sevillana: "A bailar A bailar" Cantores de Hispalis

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Las Fallas de Valencia festival

One of the best known and most impressive festivals in Spain. It is also called the Torches of Saint Joseph.
Can you make your own power point presentation to show other children in your class?
You might also/ or draw a picture of your own falla and label the body parts of your own character, remember it may be anyone or anything such as : a Disney character, an animal, a cartoon...