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Today, we learnt to say our feelings in Spanish and also we sang a song.

You may visit our song 'Buenos dias' and practise at home with your child.



Today,  we learnt to sing tradicional  Spanish songs and to play games that children usually play in the playground at their schools in  Spain.

Your may practise these videos at home to reinforce your child's  learning.

♫♪ CINCO LOBITOS ♫♪ canción completa con baile



Today, we learned to name the beach items that we can see on the beach. To remember the words we played Veo, veo ....Que ves?  (I see, I see... What do you see?

La pelota- the ball   /   la crema-the cream /  el cubo- the bucket /   la  playa- the beach /

la toalla- the towel  / el sol- the sun / el sombrero- the hat .


See this chapter of Pepa Pig in Spanish and guess some of  the objects that  we saw in class or even some new.

Pepa Pig Español "En la playa"

Cerdita Pepa disfruta de la palya



Children in Y Reception   discussed the different means of transport that they could use to travel to Spain or other countries during their holidays. We  learnt names of transports in Spanish and also we sang a song.  Practise it at home with your children, please!

Medios de Transporte. Song and video to learn means of transport in Spanish

Los medios de transporte. Song and video to learn the main means of transportation in Spanish for kids. Visit to watch more Spanish videos and listen to Spanish songs for kids and children. We also have Spanish lnteractive games, worksheets and more resources to learn Spanish in a fun and easy way!

Welcome back to school !  

Children in Langley Primary school are starting to use basic greetings and asking and responding some basic questions in order to be able to manage in a short dialogue with their Spanish friends. Check out some of these videos to refresh their memories....also parents could learn a few words in Spanish!  


Good luck!


Children in Reception have learnt to say their name in Spanish and ask somebody else's name. ¿Cómo te llamas? Me llamo  Senora Garcia.

Barnaby the teddy bear has shown  the kids how to travel from England to Spain  so children now can  locate  in the map of Europe both countries.

Practise this song at home with your kids to reinforce their bilingual  learning.








Children in Reception have been learning the numbers 1-10 by using songs, actions and the story of the Caterpillar. Practise this song with your kids at home and have fun.

Numbers 1-10



Today we have made family trees using paper plates to name in Spanish our family members.

Also, we used different materials to practise our skills.


La Familia - video educativo para niños

Conoce los miembros de la familia.



YR has learnt to sing a Spanish  typical song about the body parts helped by Juan pequeno (John the small). It was really funny and children had the chance to dance! Practise this song at home with your kids and enjoy it!

Body parts with Juan pequeno



Children in the school have learnt about  Christmas traditions in Spain and what the children are doing during the Epiphany day ( the Three Wise Men's day). Also, we learnt the bilingual  song of Feliz Navidad to wish Merry Christmas to  our friends and family.

Moreover, children made postcards and decorations using Spanish greetings.

See the following video to get more information about Christmas in Spain.


Feliz Navidad.


Uploaded by Colegio Divina Pastora on 2015-12-10.


Body parts in Spanish


Children in Reception learnt a song about the Body parts and Juan Pequeno helped us by using Phonics .



CantaJuego - Juan Pequeño Baila

Un clásico de CantaJuego para aprender las partes del cuerpo. ¡No te lo pierdas! Suscríbete al canal y disfruta de un universo de música, baile y diversión: Consigue lo mejor de CantaJuego: Lo Nuevo ¡Viva Mi Planeta! Temporada 2 (Vídeo y Audio) 15 canciones y 15 videoclips de la segunda temporada de su nueva serie de TV.



Children visited the pet shop in our famous web site Linguascope and played to find the hidden animals in Spanish. Also, kids choose their favourite animal in Spanish: Mi animal favorito es el gato.

Kids played  to explore the seasons of the year by looking at where Dora the Explorer was placed: La primavera, el verano, el otono.

We were explorers around the classroom and labelled the seasons with the Spanish words.



Children learnt to put in order the days of the week and to sing a new song. Practise this song at home to consolidate their knowledge.


Spanish party end of the year. 

Children enjoyed Spanish music, dance,  food and games to celebrate our learning during the year.