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Master Class Spanish Recipes

Hola chicos y chicas ! 


I know you love Spanish food … so this is your chance to make your own Spanish meals at home   and try it in the real life.  Have a go! - Inténtalo ! 


In this section you will find an assortment of Spanish traditional recipes and activities  that you might try to make at home with your parents or carers, always supervised by an adult. Later on, can you send me  your pictures, please ? We will see who has made the best Spanish food at the school.

Teachers, do you dare as well? 

Let's see who is winning!  

This week we will start  with the amazing  cinnamon toast which is ideal for breakfast or just as a snack.  Children in  Spain  love to eat Torrijas during Easter time. 

Que aproveche- enjoy! 

Torrijas Recipe - Spanish Cinnamon Toast

EPISODE #31 - Torrijas Recipe - Spanish Cinnamon Toast FULL RECIPE HERE: ---------------------------------------...

The Apple Pie Challenge

 Which is the best apple pie -pastel de manzana  in your class? Send us a picture and your activities completed.

Buena suerte- Good luck. 

Competition -Tortilla de patatas - Spanish omelette

Spanish omelette is one of the best well known traditional food in the world. Look at the videos and complete your recipe to be able to make your own tortilla de patatas. Can you send me a picture? Will you beat your year group? Make sure you are supervised by an adult when you are trying any of our Spanish recipes.
Buena suerte-Good luck.