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Why not practising some  songs at home? 

We also will have fun with our parents and friends.


Also, it would be great if you search on youtube ' Basho and Friends'  as he is singing different topics in an amazing way.


Play to hear- Tocala.

Buenos dias

Greetings in Spanish

Los numeros - Numbers

Los colores- Colours

El tiempo - The weather

En mi mochila - In my school bag

Veo veo en mi mochila- I see I see in my school bag

¿Adónde vas? wh-questions in Spanish

Spanish greetings, feelings, and locations with BASHO & FRIENDS [Viewer's Choice] - ¿Cómo te llamas?

Learn basic conversational elements in Spanish with this short, catchy track from BASHO & FRIENDS. Check out the lessons, lyrics and other tools that go alon...

Que Tiempo Hace hoy?

A spanish Class lyric project.

Spanish Earth Day. "Día de la Tierra"

Use this awesome video to teach about Earth Day in Spanish. "Día de la Tierra" en español! Recap animals and action verbs in Spanish meanwhile we are taking care of our planet .


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Me gustas tú (edited for Spanish Class)