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Langley Daily Mile

Several parents asked for more information about the Daily Mile. I have put the letter sent out in the Parents' Section for you but here are the basic details;

The way it will work here at Langley is as follows;

  1. Every day the children will be taken out onto the playground to take part in the activity with the other children in their year group.
  2. The activity will last 15 minutes.
  3. The children will not change so will need to wear shoes suitable for being on the playground. They do not need special shoes as they run about at playtime anyway!
  4. The activity will go ahead unless it is pouring with rain so they will need a coat in school. Teachers will check the playground each time to make sure it is not slippery when the winter comes.
  5. The children will run or walk round a course in the playground. They can run up to a mile.
  6. The distance they cover in the 15 minutes will be regularly recorded and the aim will be to improve the distance they go each week. The aim is progress and reaching the mile.
  7. Because of the very different levels of fitness of the children it will not be a competition to see who can run a mile fastest but a challenge for themselves to improve distance.
  8. After the 15 minutes the children will return to class and carry on with their other work.

We have chosen this way of doing it as it will give us the improvement in fitness we are looking for but is something every child can take part in. As such every child will take part.