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School Closure from end of Friday

18th, March, 2020.


Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to you following the announcement yesterday that all schools will be closed for almost all pupils from tomorrow, 20th March. We have no indication of when schools may re-open but we intend this to be as early as the Government say we can.


School will be open to a small number of children, but we are awaiting a list from the Government to let us know which groups of children these are. There will be 2 groups – children seen as being vulnerable (for example, children with EHCPs and those with an allocated social worker) and the children of key workers. As soon as we have this list we will contact you again to work out which children fit in these groups. It will most likely be a small group of children and you will need to prove that you are a keyworker to qualify.


We want to help you to continue your child’s learning whilst they are away from school. To provide this teachers have put work onto the Class Pages part of the school website, . To access this you go to Children ….. Class Pages and then select your child’s year group. The work will be added to and changed at least twice a week. In addition the online learning games of TimesTable Rockstars and Spelling Shed are freely available.


In the Parents section there is advice on how to support your child.


When a piece of work is completed it can be sent to your teacher using the correct email below.


Teachers will regularly check this email. If your child wishes to email their teacher to ask for help or advice they can do so using this email too. Please allow until the next day for the teacher to answer. My email at the top of this letter is available for general queries. Please remember that the teachers too have the same difficult times you have and many have young children.


I hope this helps and that we can help keep your children learning and doing well.

Yours sincerely,

Dr James