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Update on school

Dear Parents and Carers

As we reach the half way point of this half term I thought it was time for another update about school.


Numbers have gradually increased in all groups as more children have returned to school. From Monday many year groups will be moving from part time to full time education. This means that we will have very little room to offer further places and will definitely need a week’s notice if you wish your child to return. If you are a keyworker needing to return to work we will try to do this more quickly. From Monday we will have approximately 90 children in school.


The children have continued to be wonderful. There have been no issues with the children respecting the need to social distance and they continue to adapt to sitting at their own table and using only their own equipment. The daily PE lesson is also doing them good and getting them up and moving. This too is socially distanced and a little like having a personal trainer! Most staff also take part. We have had no children or staff with suspected symptoms of Covid-19.


If you are taking the responsibility of home learning please keep going. For those not in school since the end of March, without your help there will be some large learning gaps when we return in September. It is really important we all work together to make sure we can be in a position to catch up when school does re-open.


On the wider picture I have been asked several times about September. Unfortunately we just don’t know yet what the picture will be like. Even if social distancing reduces to 1m we could only have half the children in school at any one time. There is likely to be an announcement about possible summer school/projects from the Government soon but it is uncertain what this will look like or who it will be for.


Thank you again for working with the school at this difficult time and please keep going.

Best wishes and stay well,

Dr James