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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.

Here you will find important announcements, homework and sharing your fantastic work throughout the year.  Enjoy !

Remember - PE is on a Wednesday, please have your kit.

                    Reading journals must be in school every day and filled in 3 times a week.

Flower Dissection - Reproduction in flowering plants

Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Many species of plant contain both the male and female parts within each flower. The male part, the stamen, is comprised of the anthers at the top, supported by the filament. The anthers produce pollen which contains the male gamete.

Jackanory George's Marvellous Medicine 1986

Can you please look at the channel Next Epsode subscribe and like The late, but still great, Rik Mayall is the presenter in a masterclass on how to read a story to children.

Solution Solvent Solute - Definition and Difference

Kids can learn about meaning ,definition and difference among of solute,solvent and solution in this animation video.