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W/B: 26.04.21

  • This week in Reception we have been investigating how caterpillars transform into butterflies. We have 4 caterpillars in the classroom and we observe and write down every day how they grow and change. Soon we will welcome our gorgeous butterflies !


  • In Maths, we have been learning how to double numbers to 10. We used objects to help us understand what doubling means.


  • In Reading, we have been revising our Phase 3 sounds and Tricky Words.


The Home Reading Books have gone out this week, please return them next week:

Miss Hans' class - on Monday

Miss Klofik/Mrs Gloster's class - on Wednesday


Thank you,

Reception Staff


Welcome to Reception!


Now all children are back at school. Children have settled back in superbly and learning is going well. Thank you to those of you who engaged so well with Google Classroom. Given the children have missed a large amount of face to face class teaching we now need your support at home more than ever to support your child with their learning. As a priority you should be reading every day and practising phonics sounds and tricky words. 

An important note re reading books. RKG return on a MONDAY. RMH return on a FRIDAY. Please ensure your book is returned with your child's name on (label/post it or bookmark) so we can keep track, as you can imagine with 30 books it is tricky when they are not returned labelled and it is causing problems, we cannot give you a new book if you have not returned the previous one, we do not have enough.  You were given a named bookmark at the beginning of the year please include this if you still have it.

Many thanks for your support in this. Please check tabs below.


Any concerns please email us on




Over the next 2 weeks at school we are learning about Spring and Easter. This week we have a focus on baby animals and we will be watching some videos of a lamb being born. We will be learning about different animal babies and how they are different/the same as humans.


In the creative area we will be doing some daffodil paintings and drawings and we will have a role play vets.


In Maths we are looking at adding 2 sets of objects, and the + - = symbols. We will practise counting the 2 sets, and if the children are ready, using a numberline to count on from the biggest number. 

Proud Cloud!

Please use this to let us know of any wow moments that your child has had at home, it should be something they have done well, perhaps they recognised their sounds or wrote their name, or they’ve been really kind, or they have an achievement you would like to share, please let us know via email so we can share and celebrate their success and add to our achievement board outside.