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Please feel free to send us any completed work, this could be in the form of a photo of the work if that is easier for you. Many thanks and if you need any further support then please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Mrs Day, Mrs Gloster and Miss Klofik 

Half Term Challenge!

The sun is shining and its half term already. This week we thought it might be fun to have a go at making a picture and write a little message for one of your friends from school. We will then share them on here with your message for them to see. Lets see how many children we can get sharing some positivity and love. I've also attached below a little video that I thought was a lovely way of explaining to young children how we can still show we care. 



A message from Lexi to Emilie

A message from Lexi to Emilie  1

Reception children love singing and dancing. Below is a link to a free resource allowing your child to continue joining in with  music and movement. 

Have Fun!

Just received this message below from Teach Your Monster To Read....

Please make good use of this to support your child's reading.


As a result of school closures and disruption due to coronavirus, we'll make Teach Your Monster to Read completely free across the world, in order to help children learn to read whilst at home.

We want to help out as much as we can, so we will make Teach Your Monster to Read completely free until March 23rd on Apple and Amazon devices as well as at It’s also just 0.99 on Google Play Store*. 

Here are some useful games for your child to play ...


You can choose different phase 3 sounds to practise.


Number games..


The above game can be adapted to suit your child's ability.