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Year 3

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Below are useful websites to help you with your learning.


Our new topic this Spring term is Rocks!!!

Your homework challenge this week is to go and find a rock. This could be from your back garden, a local park or you might find one when you are walking to school.


Use the Knowledge Organiser to write down what type of rock you have found and why.

You can also google rock types to help you with your challenge.

Please bring your rock and facts into school on 17th January 2022


Sorry we were not able to have a summer music evening, here are some recordings of our excellent Ukulele playing in year 3.

We hope you enjoy.

3 CF - Cowboy

3 CF - frere jacques

3 CF - Polly

3 RD - Cowboy

3 RD - frere jacques

3 RD - ikoiko

Hello year 3


As promised, a few tips and ideas of how to help your child with their writing at home:


Describe a setting , choose an image for your child to write about

1.What you can feel under your feet
2.What you can see
3.What you can hear
4.What the weather is like
5.Your footprints

Predict what might happen next,

 Mike and his friend Joe are experienced rock climbers enjoying what they do best. However as the sky begins to cloud over quickly, spots of rain fall. 


Write a diary entry for the week

Where have you been?

What have you seen?

How have you felt?


Imagine a setting

Imagine you were trapped in your school after you had been shrunk. 
Describe your journey from the door across the classroom. 
What dangers would you have to be careful of as a tiny person?




If you would like more information and support then please have a look at this website.

Practise this week's spellings! Go on Spelling Shed. It's such fun!

Take a look below for some spelling strategies...

Remember to go on TTROCKSTARS! Who will win battle of the bands this Friday?

Both Mrs Sembi and Mrs Day would like Year 3 to practise their times tables and spellings over the school year using times tables rockstars and spelling shed.


Thank you.