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Year 3

Spellings for the week - 28.09.2020


Group 1                           Group 2

fairness                            you

loveliness                          your

willingness                          of

fitness                              there

silliness                             light

sadness                             might

happiness                           sky

father                              slide

sugar                                dry

move                                 like

Useful strategies to help you with learning your spellings.

To support our Stone Age topic, we have created a Knowledge Organiser informing you of what we are going to be teaching this term and the new vocabulary we will encounter. Please take the time to have a look at it and see if you can test yourself every now and again to find out what you have remembered about the Stone Age.


Year 3 Stone Age Knowledge Organiser

See what facts you can learn this term!

The First Drawing by Mordicai Gerstein

Take a look at this wonderful story that is set in the Stone Age. The illustrations help it come alive! Take a look for next week's brilliant learning journey.

Hello there Year 3! 

Take a look below to see what wonderful things we have put on here for you...

Practise this week's spellings! Go on Spelling Shed. It's such fun!

Practise your spellings at least 3x a week!

Remember to go on TTROCKSTARS!

Please log on three times a week.

Both Mrs Sembi and Mrs Day would like Year 3 to practise their times tables and spellings over the school year using times tables rockstars and spelling shed.


Thank you.