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HALF TERM WB 25.06.20

Half Term


Here we have up loaded some activities for you to do this week. How many can you do?


Have a good week and we will be back with learning activities next week


Miss Barnett and Miss Goring 

How many of these could you do?

* Finger painting

* Bake a cake

* Play hide and seek

* Make salt dough jewellery

* Make wooden spoon puppets

* Stage a historical re-enactment

* Create plastic bottle rockets

* Play scrabble

* Story time

* Make a scrapbook

* Make gingerbread people

* Indoor gardening

* Make a colourful baking soda volcano

* Make a paper train

* Make birthday cards

* Wash the car

* Decorate some garden rocks

* Play charades

* Do a Joe Wicks online exercise class

* Make bookmark creatures.

* Cook dinner together

* Go on a bike ride

* Karaoke

* Write a short story or comic book

* Learn some new Spanish words and phrases

* Stretch it out with some yoga

* Make Ice lollies

* Race paper airplanes

* Build a hut

* Build a pillow fort

* Learn a new dance routine

* Record your new dance routine