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Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Update to COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

Update on procedures in school from Tuesday 7th, December, 2021.

As a result of updated Guidance from the DfE on 3rd, December staff in school will now wear face coverings in communal areas unless exempt from doing so. They do not need to wear them in the classroom or when teaching groups of children in communal areas. 

There is no change to the advice on children  wearing face coverings - they should not be wearing face coverings in the classroom or around the school. Adult visitors  to school currently are expected to wear a face covering at all times within the school building.



On July 19th the DfE guidelines that formed the Risk Assessment ceased and national restrictions were lifted for schools.


As such there is no longer a need to operate in bubbles, keeping those class bubbles separated. Where a child tests positive for the virus they will isolate and Track and trace will identify close contacts. Bubbles will not self-isolate unless instructed to by Track and Trace.


From September 2021

  1. The school will return to the routines and procedures that existed before the pandemic with 3 exceptions
  1. Additional routine handwashing to continue as during the pandemic.
  2. Classrooms and communal areas are to continue to be ventilated as much as is possible. This must be conducive to pupil and staff comfort. However, it should at least include a through flow ventilation in classrooms with classroom doors and the highest windows in classrooms open.
  3. An enhanced cleaning programme around school. Initially this will continue as per the COVID pandemic for the first half or the Autumn term and then be reviewed. This will include the daytime cleaning of work surfaces in classrooms, communal areas and toilet areas.
  1. As such the original Risk Assessments of the school will put back in force and reviewed as normal by the Governing Body in the Autumn term 2021.


In the case of a further outbreak

If there is a further outbreak such the Track and Trace request that we return to bubble self isolation or other restrictions the COVID-19 Risk Assessment will come back into force. This would be a simple matter


Self-isolating children

Where in the situation that children are found to be close contacts and required to self-isolate after August 16th 2021 and they have no symptoms the Remote Learning Policy will continue to operate. Their class teacher will contact them during the day we are informed by the family and provision begin the next school working day, with a device being supplied on request.

Risk assessment for re-opening of school in September 2020 (Updated 1st Feb 2021)