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Key Workers and vulnerable Children – children who may be able to come to school on Monday


The government has now given us a list of key workers. At least one parent or carer within the family will need to be a keyworker. There are still things we don’t know.  To help you we ask you to read the list and contact us if you fit in the list. We will ask you if one of all parents/carers fit in the list and will let you know which as soon as we know. You will need to show us some proof that you are a key worker (identity badge/ wage slip etc.) This may be difficult but we need to sort out who we can take to make sure we have enough staff.


Vulnerable children – we will contact you if we think your child is in this group.


Key Workers


Health and social care – you work in the NHS, work in social care (care worker),volunteer carer, help make or sell medicines or protective equipment such as masks or respirators.


Education and childcare – you work in a school or day nursery, are an educational specialist or a social worker, you are a registered childminder.


Key public service – you work in the courts, prisons or are a probation officer, you are religious staff member (such as a priest), you are a journalist, you work in a place such as a foodbank, you work for a funeral home or a crematorium.


Local and national government – you work in a job centre, are responsible for the arrangement of benefits.


Food and other necessary goods – you work in food production and the sale of food, delivery workers of essential items.


Public safety and national security – you work for the police, armed services, fire service, border agency, police, probation services.


Transport – you work in the transport system to make sure essential supplies continue (Train, road, air and water)


Utilities, communication and financial services – you work in places such as banks, power and water supplies, telecommunications and call centers, waste disposal including rubbish.


This is a very long list and may become clearer as the day goes on. We will try to help as much as we can but please be patient with us and remember we are people too.


You can let us know by coming into the office, seeing the Head or Deputy Head, ringing in on 0121 552 1744 or using my email

Dr James